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RLG Educational Associates, Ltd. - Specializing in Programs that Serve Children: Infants to age 5
 2011 - 2012 Trainings Offered
RLG Educational Associates, Ltd. provides training to the child care and private/public school communities.
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Course # I.
Welcome to MMSR:
Preparing for School Readiness 
(6 clock hrs. per module)
Maryland Model for School Readiness (MMSR) training consists of 9 modules, which include 54 clock hours of Core of Knowledge training. Participants will experience concepts of observation, documentation, and linking curriculum, instruction, and assessment. (Snacks provided)
     Fee: $55.00 per person for each Module 1-9
Module 1                                         Module 5     
Using Assessment to                Analyzing and Synthesizing
Know Each Child Well            Assessment Information
Module 2                                        Module 6
Observing and                               Studying Children's Work
Documenting   Children's         and Building Relationships
Module 3                                         Module 7
Promoting Each Child's                   Using Portfolios with
Success as a Learner                         Young children
Module 4                                         Module 8
Linking Curriculum,                        Definition and Purpose
Instruction, and                                of Family Partnership                              Assessment                                                                                                                         
                                      Module 9
                             The Process of Transition
Special 10% Discount:
If registered within two weeks of start of course.
On site training may be arranged for programs with 10 or more participants.
Call (410)-963-3437 
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